Ever thought of paying money with your smartphone without Internet? Google wallet will make it possible.
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Here's another interesting post about future feature of Android pay/Google wallet. Google is planning to introduce us with offline payment method with smartphones. Like, if you ever run out of cash and internet at the same time in a mall. You don't have to worry, you will be able to pay a certain amount of bucks without Internet.
You smartphone will download a virtual encrypted receipt of some amount of balance (whatever you define) and make it available to use offline. All you need to do is connect your phone with the receiver's phone and do is a simple transactions. You accounts will be updated later.
Here the link to the full post - Offline Payment in Google Wallet Can Make Mobile Payments Go Mainstream
The payment will be completely secure due to various parameter will be applied on it. You will define a maximum amount for the payment, allowed locations where the payments can be made and even number of maximum transactions.
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